Founded in 2007, LASC Studio has in short time established itself as a young, internationally oriented practice with a portfolio that ranges from furniture, houses, retail and office design. Our practice has been featured in various publications including Monocle, Wall Street Journal, Gestalten, Dwell and others.


We are driven by a desire to explore and go beyond the conventional and modernist notion on newness. Daily life is filled with many contrasting desires. We believe that architecture is no different. With our designs, we strive to create places that give space to both daily life and to imagination, referring implicitly to other places, times and narratives that trigger the users to make up their own stories.


Danske Boligarkitekter
Danske Arkitekt Virksomheder
MONOCLE Magazine
The practice is making a name for itself thanks to its elegant work.
Dwell Magazine
It's been a while since I've seen a project as desirable and jealousy-making as this one (and working at Dwell, that means a lot ...!).
Vanessa Holden
Pretty much my perfect house. Quiet, restrained, lovable, surprising, lovely.